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Dentistry's most powerful chairside AI platform

Enjoy more efficient, consistent, accurate and patient trusted x-ray evaluations––with the world's most advanced cloud-based chairside dental AI solution.

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Leading AI Performance

Pearl’s AI is trained on world's largest collection dental x-rays to detect a greater range of pathologies, existing restorations and natural anatomy than any solution of its kind, enabling 37% more accurate x-ray evaluations.

Leading AI Performance
Better Case Presentation

Color-coded detections, educational tooth part maps and quantitative results give patients an objective, clear and data-based foundation for trust in your findings––trust that boosts case acceptance by 24% on average.

Cutting-Edge Simplicity

Modern, intuitive crystal clear software design make using dentistry’s most advanced AI easy for beginners and experts alike––and, because it’s cloud-based, Pearl delivers the power of AI to you wherever you are.

"Amazing software! it has paid for itself over and over again."

Dr. Tai Ha
Owner | Newport Beach Dental Studio
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