Ophir Tanz is the Founder and CEO of Pearl, a company utilizing AI to revolutionize the dental industry. Their FDA-cleared product can detect nine different dental conditions. The diagnostic assistance device analyzes radiography images in real-time to identify pathology, existing restorations, and natural anatomy. Their Second Opinion tool is designed to be used by the practitioner to design a precise course of treatment that the patient understands.

Ophir elaborates, "We think dentistry is particularly ripe for the infusion of AI and particularly what we do, which is a form of AI called computer vision, into the category. So first off, dentists capture more x-rays and radiography than any other form of medicine does on an annual basis. And if you look at the levels of concurrence across different practitioners and how they're detecting pathology, you have a disease like interproximal caries or periapical radiolucency or calculus. These are very, very easy to miss, especially at the early stages. So, if you're able to provide a level of assistance and point out areas of interest chairside in a patient-facing manner, that tends to dramatically increase the quality and precision, and accuracy of the diagnosis."

"Computers are able to identify something like 1,000 shades of gray. I think humans are able to identify something like 30 to 50 shades of gray. So it's just much, much more sensitive. And obviously, given that it is a machine, it is entirely consistent and precise in the kind of output that it reveals. We're not going to magically identify anything that is just fundamentally not visible in a radiograph. It's not magic. We are identifying elements that are visible in the radiograph but with a lot of sensitivity."

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